Analysis of Trigonella foenum-graecum Seeds, Musa paradisiaca, and Citrus sinensis Peels as a Poultry Feed Supplementex


Kashif Younas Butt
Nayab Nadeem
Muhammad Ishfaq Ghori
Hina Zain
Nazia Kanwal

Alternate feed resources could play an important role in meeting the challenges to the poultry in Pakistan. In the present study, physical and chemical characterization of medicinally important fenugreek seeds and agro-waste of orange and banana peels were investigated. It was found that banana peels have 10% moisture contents followed by fenugreek seeds i.e., 8%. The nutritional characteristics showed that fenugreek seeds and orange peels contain 39% crude fiber followed by 25% in banana peels. The protein value in fenugreek seeds and orange peels was found to be 24%. The fat content was estimated as 2, 3, and 2% in fenugreek seeds, banana peels, and orange peels, respectively. The antibacterial activity of aqueous, methanolic, and ether extracts of orange peels presented 19±0.3 mm, 18±0.6 mm, and 14±0.8 mm zone of inhibition against Bacillus (B) atrophaeus while 12±0.4 mm, 13±0.1 mm and 14±0.8 mm against Salmonella (S) typhimurium, respectively. Moreover, ether extract of banana peels showed remarkable antibacterial activity against B. atrophaeus with an 18±0.6 mm zone of inhibition followed by aqueous extracts with a 14±0.8 mm zone of inhibition against S. typhimurium. Furthermore, methanolic extracts of fenugreek seeds exhibited potent antibacterial activity against both bacterial strains with a 17±0.9 mm zone of inhibition. Such resources from agro wastes can provide birds with nutrients, natural antioxidants, and antibiotics properties.


Keywords: Fruit waste, Fenugreek seeds, Crude protein, Fiber, Fat content

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