Protecting Our Planet: The Vital Role of Carbon Sequestration in Combating Threats to Environmental Sustainability


Mamik Suendarti

This research study aimed to examine the impacts of eutrophication, human footprints, and economic growth on environmental sustainability through the underlying mechanism of biodiversity loss and the moderating role of carbon sequestration in the relationship between loss of biodiversity and environmental sustainability. A total of 553 farmers from different regions of Indonesia participated in the study, and the data collected was analyzed using SmartPLS software. The findings revealed a significant negative impact of eutrophication and human footprints on environmental sustainability through biodiversity loss. The moderating role of carbon sequestration was found to be significant in the relationship between biodiversity and environmental sustainability. These findings provide valuable insights into the complex relationship between biodiversity and environmental sustainability and highlight the importance of considering the role of carbon sequestration in promoting sustainable development and environmental conservation.


Keywords: Eutrophication, Human Footprints, Economic Growth, Environmental Sustainability, Biodiversity Loss, Carbon Sequestration

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