Enhancing Agricultural Potential of Post-Mining Land through Liquid Organic Fertilizer Application: A Study on Soil Chemical Properties


Hastirullah Fitrah

Post-mining landscapes hold tremendous untapped potential for agricultural development, provided that the soil's chemical composition is properly revitalized and supported. A key strategy for rejuvenating such depleted soils involves harnessing the potential of liquid organic fertilizers, which are increasingly recognized for their capacity to enhance the chemical properties of post-mining soil. These fertilizers are a treasure trove of beneficial microorganisms, particularly those that break down metals, synthesize essential nutrients, and facilitate nutrient fixation. The primary objective of this comprehensive study was to assess the profound impact of liquid organic fertilizer application on the multifaceted chemical properties of post-mining soil. A meticulously designed research approach was employed to achieve this, utilizing a completely randomized factorial design. Various types and quantities of liquid organic fertilizers were applied, and the changes in soil chemical properties were systematically monitored over a 14-day incubation period. The suite of parameters under scrutiny included soil pH, soil carbon (C) content, soil nitrogen (N) levels, exchangeable potassium (K), exchangeable sodium (Na), exchangeable calcium (Ca), exchangeable magnesium (Mg), cation exchange capacity (CEC), exchangeable aluminium (Al), P-Bray, and iron (Fe) concentrations. The study's findings illuminated the substantial influence of different organic fertilizer treatments on the chemical attributes of post-mining soil. Notably, the application of 6 litres per hectare of POC Mol emerged as particularly effective among the treatments. It significantly transformed soil pH, enhanced levels of exchangeable potassium (K) and sodium (Na), and bolstered iron (Fe) levels. Meanwhile, the use of 9 litres per hectare of POC GT exhibited its prowess by boosting soil carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) levels and elevating exchangeable calcium (Ca) levels. These findings underscore the promising role that liquid organic fertilizers can play in restoring and transforming post-mining landscapes into fertile and agriculturally productive areas.


Keywords:Land reclamation, Synthesis, Fixation, nutrients

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