Knowledge of Mathematics Content and its Relation to the Mathematical pedagogical content knowledge for Secondary School Teachers


Fatmah Awadh M. Alotaibi
Nasser Helmy Aly Yousse

This research aims to identify the degree of mathematics content knowledge (MCK) among secondary school mathematics teachers and its relationship to mathematical pedagogical content knowledge (MPCK). To achieve the research objective, the researcher prepared two instruments: a mathematics content knowledge test and a mathematical pedagogical content knowledge scale for secondary mathematics teachers. Then, the validity and reliability of the instruments were checked. The researcher followed a descriptiveanalytical approach. The sample comprised 49 female mathematics teachers, representing 30% of the study's population (166). The results of the research were: (1) The means of the MCK test criteria ranged between 0.674 and 0.404, with an overall mean of 0.555, a percentage of 55.5%, and a standard deviation of 0.468, which indicated an intermediate level of MCK among secondary school mathematics teachers in Dammam and Khobar; (2) The means of the MPCK scale criteria ranged between 3.326 and 2.796, with an overall mean of 2.974, a percentage of 99.8%, and a standard deviation of 0.918, which indicates an intermediate level of the MPCK among secondary school mathematics teachers in the named cities. (3) There is no statistically significant relationship between the MCK and the MPCK associated with it among secondary school mathematics teachers. In light of the results obtained, the research recommended the need to consider professional development in the MPCK based on teachers' professional standards, the diversity in various professional development activities, the activation of professional learning societies among teachers, and the need to reconsider the programs for preparing the necessary mathematics teachers professionally and educationally and conduct more studies on the knowledge of mathematics content and the mathematical pedagogical content knowledge.


Keywords:Mathematics Content, Knowledge (MCK), Mathematical Pedagogical, Content Knowledge (MPCK), Subject Matter Knowledge (SMK), Common Content Knowledge (CCK), Specialized Content Knowledge (SCK), Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK), Secondary school teachers

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