Volume 21, Number 1, 2023




Research Articles

1-22 Antecedents of Mental Disorder among Physically Inactive Employees Study of Jordanian Higher Education Institutions: Mediated Moderation of Perceived Threat of Covid-19 and Psychological Capital
Bilal Awad Al-Dmour, Abdel-Hafez Tayseer Al-Nawayseh, Megdad Ahmad Al-Tarawneh, Zainalabedin Mohammad Bani Hani
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23-36 Protecting Our Planet: The Vital Role of Carbon Sequestration in Combating Threats to Environmental Sustainability
Mamik Suendarti
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37-53 Exploring Mental Health in Ideological and Political Education System during COVID-19 lockdown: Moderating Effect of Ambivalent Sexism and Unconscious Bias
Anas Saleh Al-Dalaeen, Mamduh Baniah Lafee Alzaben, Moh'd A. Shoqeirat, Fatima Eid Zaid AL-Adwan
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54-61 Examines the Correlation between Knowledge, Demographic Characteristics, and Hypertension Incidence among Outpatients in a Community Health Center Located in Banjarmasin, Indonesia
Khairul Anam
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62-69 Management and Care of Pregnant Women in Their Third Trimester with COVID-19 at Tangerang Hospital, Indonesia: A Comprehensive Approach
Maryati Sutarno
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70-85 Swiss Cheese Model for Analyzing Freight Car and Bus Traffic Accidents can Lead to the Implementation of Preventive Measures for Traffic Accident Avoidance
Efendhi Prih Raharjo, I Kadek Surya Putra Adidana, Anisa Mahadita Candrarahayu
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86-95 Students' Perception and Acceptance of e-Learning and eEvaluation in Higher Education
Shakeel Ahmed, Ahmad Shukri Mohd Noor, Wazir Zada Khan, Asim Mehmood, Reema Shaheen, Toheed Fatima
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